InventionHome Announces Successful Completion of 112th Marketing/Licensing Agreement

MONROEVILLE, Pa., Oct. 5, 2010 — InventionHome’s most recent licensing success is a product called CapTails™. The patented device connects glasses (sunglasses, safety glasses, etc.) to a hat by means of stretchable and adjustable clips and a cord. CapTailsTM allow the user to wear their eyewear on top of their cap and not have to worry about them falling off and getting lost or broken. Also when your glasses are on, your cap can not blow away. The licensee of the clever device took interest in the product because of its simplicity and unique position in the market. It will complement the rest of their product line nicely, and has already drawn the interest of a national retailer. CapTailsTM should reach the retail market in early 2011.