InventionHome’s DRTV Product Summit Helps Match Inventors with Companies

2012 DRTV Product Summit Gallery

On May 22, 2012 six (6) leading companies in the “As Seen on TV” industry and 24 independent inventors converged on Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA for InventionHome’s 2nd DRTV Product Summit. The one-day product pitch event proved to be an exciting and electrifying opportunity for all involved and many have described the event as “speed dating for inventors” due to its condensed, time-efficient format and primary goal of pairing everyday inventors with experienced DRTV companies.

“Speed Dating for Inventors” – A First in the Invention Industry

Speed dating, invented in the late 1990s, was a matchmaking concept designed to lessen the burden of time and travel in order to expedite the process of finding the perfect partner. With the introduction of the DRTV Product Summit, InventionHome has successfully translated this model to the invention industry, where it is helping inventors find new licensing opportunities.

An Effective Approach for Licensing Inventions

“The model is simple, yet highly effective,” says Russell Williams, InventionHome President. “We invite six of the industry’s leading DRTV companies to attend the Summit. Each company is given a private meeting room where they can hear pitches from selected inventors. In addition, we invite 24 inventors chosen from qualified product submissions prior to the Summit. These inventors are given 10 minutes to pitch their products to each of the companies in attendance with the ultimate goal of landing a licensing or distribution deal.”

Future DRTV Product Summit Opportunities

InventionHome shares their client’s products with a wide range of companies ongoing, so feel free to contact them to discuss how they can submit your product to the same six companies who attended the DRTV Product Summit as well as many other companies across a wide range of product categories and industries. A date for the 2013 DRTV Product Summit has not yet been scheduled.

More Images From the 2012 DRTV Product Summit

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