3D Design – The Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Bring Your Product to Life


If you are looking to sell or license your invention to a company in exchange for ongoing royalty payments, you will almost always need some form of prototype or detailed design to showcase the value of your invention. For many inventors, however, developing a working physical prototype requires time, materials, technical knowledge, or funds that they do not have. If you are one of those inventors, 3D design may be an ideal solution for you.

Quality 3D Design

A quality 3D design is able to project the general look, feel, and function of an invention as it would be if it were a fully developed, market ready product. It offers inventors a cost effective way to provide anyone evaluating their invention for a potential licensing opportunity with a professional looking, realistic representation of their product. Having a 3D design can make it much easier for a company representative to understand why their company should invest the time and money into developing, manufacturing, and selling your product.

3D Virtual Prototypes and Virtual Designs

InventionHome offers high-quality,  3D Virtual Prototypes and Virtual Designs at very reasonable pricing. Included with any virtual prototype or design service is an Invention Portfolio page. Plus, for inventors interested in marketing their inventions, we offer our marketing and licensing program at no cost once the portfolio is in place (i.e. commission only). InventionHome’s process is relatively easy and quick to complete, and some inventors even find it fun! If you have a new idea, a professional 3D design presentation could be just what your invention needs to take that next leap forward!

Check out an example of our 3D Virtual Prototype and Inventor Portfolio