5 Benefits Of Using A Product Submission System


Competition for great new products and inventions has reached an all time high. Companies across all product categories are aggressively recruiting small businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors for their innovative products. Luckily, consumer-innovation is also at an all time high; consumer inventors are developing novel ideas and product improvements at a rate never before seen in the history of our country.

Companies Are Opening Their Doors

A recent MIT Sloan study showed that consumers are pumping billions of dollars each year into product development, a rate more than 1/3 of what corporations are spending annually on R&D. With such a tremendous amount of new product opportunity on the line, companies are opening their doors to these innovators to snag a first look and chance of securing a license, acquisition or wholesale agreement. Opening their doors means providing a clear path for inventors to submit their product innovation directly to them through their corporate websites.

Submission Management Systems

The most effective way to accomplish this is through the use of a “web-based” Submission Management System that enables you to add a submission form to your website, thereby feeding submissions directly into a secure, back-end system for organizing and reviewing your product submissions.


SubmitMyInvention (SMI) is one of the most effective and easy-to-use submission management systems on the market, as it is scalable and flexible enough to work with companies of any size, as well as individuals.

5 Benefits of using “SubmitMyInvention” Submission System

  1. Streamlines and organizes your submission flow into 1 central system.
  2. Automates the follow up and response through email auto-responders.
  3. Enables fast filtering and screening of product submissions in a secure and protected system.
  4. Scalable to fit any size company allowing for unlimited users and up to 20 websites to be linked together into one system.
  5. 100% free and no contracts.

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