Are YOUR Company’s Products Appropriate for the “As Seen on TV” Industry?

CC image by atxryan on Flickr

The ‘As Seen on TV’ phenomenon (also known as Direct Response Television or ‘DRTV’) crosses over Category lines…it’s not just limited to vegetable choppers and abdominal exercisers.  And over the years, DRTV companies have shown a steady trend of partnering with “mainstream” product manufacturers and entrepreneurial companies…some examples include the Perfect Brownie® (kitchen category), Topsy Turvy® (lawn & garden category)  and Cat’s Meow™ (pet category), just to name a few.

If your company has products that fit the following guidelines, maybe you should consider dipping your toe into this $20-billion market.

Guidelines for DRTV products:

  • The product should solve a problem
  • It must be highly demonstrable
  • It should have mass appeal
  • Ideally should have a SRP under $19.99
  • Make sure the product has appropriate intellectual property (patents) filed

Even if your product already has steady distribution, it might be worth considering a foray into DRTV.

  • Volumes generated by successful TV products can dwarf standard distribution models.
  • If your product currently sells in high-end / boutique markets, is it possible to develop an entry-level version to fit a lower SRP (ideally $9.99 – $19.99)?
  • If your product was designed for a specialty/niche market, can it be modified to appeal to a broader market?

If you’d like to explore DRTV, InventionHome can help!  Our ‘DRTV Product Summit’ returns to Pittsburgh on October 22, 2014 where we host six of the top As Seen on TV companies who are searching for innovative, problem-solving products to feature in upcoming TV campaigns.  If they like your product/s, these companies are equipped to fast-track products through the testing, television production, media buying, and distribution at mass-retail accounts.

There’s nothing to lose!  Twenty-four products will be selected for presentation at the DRTV Product Summit, and yours could be one.

If you’d like to discuss DRTV with the InventionHome team, please call us at 866-844-6512.