Big Week for Successful Licensing Agreements at InventionHome

MONROEVILLE, Pa., Oct. 29, 2010 — The second week of October proved to be an exceptionally busy week for InventionHome’s marketing & licensing department, which netted an incredible FOUR license agreements in one week! With the additional four agreements finalized, InventionHome marketing and licensing successes now stand at 117. 2010 is shaping up to be their highest performance licensing year on record with a 100% growth rate over 2009. The four agreements mentioned include products called the Bead Bender, Lawnmower D’Light, Step Ramps and Cargo Sling. Each of the license agreements was born by the hard work and dedication of an independent inventor. Two of the licensed inventions fall into the automotive/vehicle category. The third licensed product can best be described as a headlight for a lawnmower. A company with strong ties to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears, etc. licensed the product with hopes that their customers will embrace the clever device. The fourth licensed product may be featured on a television infomercial coming soon! By developing streamlined processes both to share invention details, and also to assist companies with any interest inquiries, InventionHome has become a respected resources for companies seeking new products for license.