Re-Inventing the Invention Industry; InventionHome’s Mission of Building Trust and Integrity in Battered Industry

MONROEVILLE, Pa., July 12, 2004 — Jacob Enterprises, Inc. (d/b/a: Invention Home) is pleased to announce the successful completion and filing of a new utility business methods patent (pending) designed to reinvent and reinvigorate the invention industry. The Invention Home business methods patent establishes a new standard and approach for licensing new ideas and inventions, one that will lead to the development of the most widespread invention-marketing network in the invention industry. By combining their proprietary invention technology strategy with networks of agents and companies seeking new product ideas, Invention Home has created an efficient process for receiving, reviewing and evaluating new ideas and inventions for potential license. In an industry riddled with invention companies preying on the dreams of individual inventors, Invention Home’s trust and integrity mission is redefining how the industry will operate by forcing unethical and untrustworthy companies to rethink their approach for doing business. For years these companies have lured unsuspecting inventors into working with them by telling them that they have a great idea or that they really like the idea. These companies charge $700 or $800 to begin the process, which usually includes basic industry statistics of little value and a basic patent search. Once complete, they inform the inventor of the up front marketing fees ranging from $7,000 to $12,000. Sadly, this large sum of money buys the inventor little more than a half-hearted attempt at sending brochures to random manufacturers.