Can Your Invention Become a Brand?


As an inventor, no doubt you feel that you have created a better product which you believe that consumers need. But have you given any thought to your invention iShowOnline?

Products are made to fulfill a consumer’s “needs”. They perform a function. Brands go a step further and fulfill a consumer’s “wants”. Brands are identified by a trade name or trademark which adds distinction for a line of products that can develop from a strong core product.

Brands are something that more and more companies are considering as they review potential product ideas. Building single products into product lines and strong brands has become a strategy for many corporations to fast-track their revenue growth.

Brands create a lasting impression and can be a corporation’s most valuable asset. Companies who wisely build strong brands know that they are building greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Quite often they also benefit from reduced price sensitivity with their customers.

Bake-a-Bone is an excellent example of a unique and memorable product with a strong name that allowed for product line expansion. The company that licensed the dog treat maker was able to inspire recipes and create various pre-packaged mixes that continued to keep customers engaged and drive sales growth.