Cargo Sling

MONROEVILLE, Pa., October 15, 2010 — InventionHome is pleased to announce that they have finalized a license agreement for a unique product titled “Cargo Sling”. Inventor Daria W. of McHenry, Illinois developed a very simple device to promote safety while driving. The device consists of a stretch fabric band that fits over vehicle seats to hold back purses, groceries, papers and other items while the vehicle is in motion. The item allows drivers to focus on the road knowing that their belongings will not fly off the seat when the brakes are applied or when going around a sharp curve. Integral pockets are perfect for cell phone storage.

InventionHome shared the product with a large number of companies seeking new products. Many companies saw only a simple tube of fabric, and they failed to focus on the incredible benefits provided by the product. One company approached the item with an open mind and saw huge infomercial potential. They finalized a license agreement with Daria today, and will begin filming an infomercial spot in the very near future. Congratulations to Daria!