The Caution Clip

MONROEVILLE, Pa., November 11, 2010 — InventionHome is pleased to announce that they have finalized a license agreement for a unique product titled “The Caution Clip”. The licensor, Kevin V. from Traverse City, Michigan, worked long and hard to develop and prototype his unique product. The Caution Clip was designed to take the place of those cheap, plastic flags that hang out the backs of pickup trucks to provide a visual cue to other drivers. This durable, reusable product can clamp on to lumber, ladders, pipes, sheet metal, or just about anything that might hang out the back of your truck. The Caution Clip uses a heavy duty spring clamp that stays attached to almost anything no matter how fast you go. For even greater safety, the clamp has an LED light that provides a bright marker for hauling loads at night or in bad weather.

InventionHome shared The Caution Clip with one of it’s member companies, which was quick to review Kevin’s samples and designs and make an offer to license. The company is now in discussions with a major DIY retailer that wishes to carry the item in their stores nationwide.