Celebrating National Inventors Month


National Inventors Month is a month long event celebrating creativity and invention and all the contributions that inventors have made throughout the world. National Inventors Month was started in 1998 by the United Inventors Association (UIA) and the Academy of Applied Science as a way to encourage and inspire grass roots development and innovation. The UIA continues to operate to this day as one of the leading inventor non-profit groups in the United States. InventionHome is proud to be a long standing member of the UIA and to have our president serve on the board of directors for the past 5 years.

What would the world be like without those who create and push the boundaries of innovation? Although there are many celebrated inventors that have contributed unbelievable technologies and innovations to change our way of life, let’s not forget that anyone can be an inventor with a little creative thinking and initiative. Today, every day consumers are innovating at a pace never before seen to develop and improve products and inventing has become a national passion and craze.

What is your favorite invention from the past 50 years?

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