Companies Turn to InventionHome to Find Innovative Products

InventionHome supports Open Innovation

Companies rely on InventionHome for Open Innovation

As competition to uncover the next million-dollar idea heats up, companies are increasingly turning to InventionHome for help with reaching inventors and entrepreneurs. This model of “Open Innovation” in which new ideas originate from outside a company’s walls, is rapidly becoming a wide-spread practice. The reason is clear – why spend untold millions on internal Research & Development when a company can simply license a great idea or invention straight from the inventor?

However, the challenge lies in actually tracking down inventors with a quality idea. This is where InventionHome comes in. We’ve spent the last 10 years perfecting the process for channeling innovation from initial concept to license and market. With our well established network reaching across thousands of companies, and all major industries, we make it easy for inventors to tap into our proactive marketing system. So, in turn, we make it easy for companies to find inventors holding the perfect idea for their product line.

Furthermore, we also have the solution for inventors with market-ready products seeking sale and licensing opportunities. Our online marketplace, MatchProduct, is an amazing platform that connects sellers and buyers of finished goods. By creating an account, inventors can list an unlimited number of finished products for free (with a small commission). A free MatchProduct account also includes a number of other benefits and resources relating to all stages of the invention process. To list your product, go to

Or, to take advantage of InventionHome’s proactive marketing program inventors can call 1-866-844-6512.