Upside Down Measurement Conversion Apron

MONROEVILLE, Pa., February 14, 2011 — InventionHome is pleased to announce a distribution deal between one of our marketing clients out of Rockledge, Florida and a respected gift catalog account. The product called “Upside Down Measurement Conversion Apron” provides measurement conversion information right at the cook’s fingertips. With its upside down measurement conversions, users no longer have to interrupt their baking to figure out how many ounces are in a 1/3 of a cup, or how to substitute a loaf pan for a square pan. Now all they need to do is look down and lift up the bottom of their apron. This apron helps to quickly convert cups to ounces to tablespoons to teaspoons as well as common baking pan substitutions. With this unique product, the user will save time, bake with confidence and no longer make costly (and untasty) conversion mistakes.

InventionHome introduced the apron to a catalog account, who has just placed their initial order for inventory. We expect to see the product in the pages of the catalog in early 2011.