Cook-Eze Cookie Express

MONROEVILLE, Pa., February 1, 2011 — InventionHome is pleased to announce that they have finalized a license agreement for a unique product titled “Cook-Eze Cookie Express”. Inventor Suzanne S. of Minot, North Dakota developed the invention to produce evenly sized cookies in fun shapes. This innovative product features an extended, pre-shaped tube and a complementary plunger mechanism. The tube can be clear, hollow, and open on both ends, allowing consumers to easily place dough inside the tube and monitor the extrusion process. Users may slice individual cookies with a provided slicer as the dough is being extruded, or they may extrude the full length of dough before slicing the cookies. This product may add a fun, whimsical flair to cookies while simplifying the cookie production process.

The licensee of Cook-Eze Cookie Express hopes to debut the item on home shopping channels before rolling it out nationwide to retail accounts.