CoreGear™ Paint Tray from InventionHome Client Rolls Out Nationally

coregear 2waytray

Does this sound familiar? You’re giving the bedroom a fresh coat of paint. You climb up the ladder delicately holding a paint-laden roller, you climb back down a couple minutes later to collect more paint and then back up the ladder until you need to load your paint roller again. The up-and-down is tedious, and the occasional paint drips in the process create a mess.

A design to solve design flaws

Inventor Scott Davies was a construction foreman tackling a big paint job when it struck him that standard paint trays were inefficient and a mess to use. In an instant, he envisioned a ‘hooded’ paint tray – a design that would solve the many design flaws of the standard tray. Scott took action and was determined to see his visionary product called the 2 Way Tray succeed.

Enlisting InventionHome

Davies enlisted InventionHome to help market his unique paint tray, and they quickly presented the item to a company called CoreGear.  CoreGear has a growing line of paint accessories and building tools that are gaining traction nationwide with placement at Lowe’s, ACE Hardware, Menards, and other retailers. It was determined that the 2 WayTray was a great match for CoreGear’s line, and InventionHome facilitated a mutually-rewarding license agreement for the parties.

The 2 WayTray

The 2 WayTray is poised to change the way professional painters and DIY’ers tackle painting jobs.  It is currently available at Orchard Supply and select ACE Hardware stores, and more retailers will be adding the clever product in 2014.


Here are some of the benefits of Scott’s invention:

  • Fewer trips up and down the ladder
  • Works with both paint roller and paintbrush
  • Holds ½ gallon of paint
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Attaches to most ladders