Crown Bolt Seeking New Hardware Inventions

Crown Bolt Invention Product Hunt

InventionHome teams with Crown Bolt, a leading retail supplier to The Home Depot, to search for new hardware inventions. 

Crown Bolt is committed to open innovation. They actively look towards independent inventors for new products. To assist in this objective, InventionHome has partnered with executives at Crown Bolt to reach out to the inventor community for hardware related products.

Crown Bolt is particularly interested in products from the following categories

  • Hardware products

  • Fasteners
  • Builders hardware

  • Home hardware
  • Gate hardware
  • Rope, chain, wire and accessories
  • Rod and steel

  • Hardware coatings, finishes, metals or materials

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About Crown Bolt

Based in Aliso Viejo, California, Crown Bolt has been a global hardware supplier for over 30 years. Using an innovative approach to hardware retailing, Crown Bolt has consistently delivered exceptional programs to their customers in fasteners, builders hardware, rope, chain, rod and steel.