Did you know? NASA invented these common household items.


Many of the products in your home exist on account of the advancements made through NASA technology and research. These are inventions that highlight how space exploration spreads through our lives in a positive way, enhancing our well-being and daily activities.

Memory foam, a common material found in pillows and mattresses, was initially designed for space flight. The open cell polyurethane-silicon was designed for NASA aircraft seats to minimize the impact during landings for astronauts. Water filters are necessary for removing chemicals and debris from drinking water, and astronauts required a way to cleanse the water they took with them to space because sickness as a result of bacteria would obviously be a massive problem. Workout machines such as treadmills and ellipticals were invented to maintain muscle mass. One of the long-term effects of extended periods of time in zero gravity is that it weakens the body, causing bones to decrease in density and muscles to break down. For those reasons alone, astronauts have to train extensively during their time in space to keep their bodies from degenerating.

Without space exploration, some of these household tools and products might not exist!