Did You Know? This Simple Toy Invention Is Selling Millions

The handheld fidget spinner toy is one of the newest popular inventions on the market today for both children and adults. They’ve been around for years, but recently exploded in popularity! According to the Wall Street Journal, fidget spinners sales brought in revenue totaling $2.6 million last month ($31 Million analyzed), and one toy manufacturer told the paper that they are seeing 200 orders an hour for the catchy toys.

Originally created to help develop fine motor skills in kids with autism and other special education, the spinner craze has exploded across all demographics resulting in quick sellouts for major retailers.

This basic and simple invention, made from plastic or metal with a bearing in the center and several prongs that spin around it, are intended for mindless play or stress relief from a long day at school or work. Fidget spinners have garnered national attention and shows how simple ideas can sell millions of units in the marketplace.