Did You Know?: The Popsicle Was Invented by an 11 Year-Old Boy


On a cold evening in 1905, 11 year-old Frank Epperson accidentally left a wooden stirring stick inside his cup of flavored soda water. In the morning he awoke to a frozen soda drink on a stick. Many years passed before he decided to reveal his creation to the public. In 1922 he served his “icicles made of pop” to a crowd at a Fireman’s ball and they were a massive hit. Soon after he applied and received a patent for a “frozen confectionary.” He began by producing the treat in a variety of fruit flavors and then soon sold the production rights to the Joe Lowe Company of New York in 1925.

Today the Popsicle brand is the most popular brand of ice pops in the United States with over two billion Popsicles being sold each year. The pops are available in more than 30 delicious flavors, but Cherry holds the spot for the number one favorite Popsicle flavor of all time.