Dirty Dog

MONROEVILLE, PA. January 30, 2015 — InventionHome is pleased to announce an executed agreement between our inventor Bonnie B. and an international company.

Bonnie created “Dirty Dog Paw Spritz” shortly after adopting her dog, Ginger. Bonnie wanted an all-natural, fragrant, and sanitizing product to keep little Ginger’s paws clean. While searching for a product to address her needs, she learned of the abundant germs tracked into homes via dogs’ paws, but she didn’t find anything on the market that suitably addressed her needs. So after further research and development, Bonnie launched her own paw sanitizer and called it “Dirty Dog”. InventionHome presented the item to a manufacturer, and is pleased to announce an executed license agreement. We look forward to sharing more details once the product reaches the market.

Congratulations, Bonnie!