How to save money on prototyping your invention, while increasing your chances of landing a royalty deal?

If your goal is to license your invention to a company for ongoing royalty payments, you will more than likely need patent protection (at least a provisional patent application on file) and some form of prototype or design to showcase your idea. Depending on the complexity of your invention, developing physical prototypes can get costly for inventors. To increase their chances of success in presenting inventions, many inventors are turning to a much more practical and cost effective alternative called virtual ā€œ3Dā€ prototyping. This form of prototyping enables information to be digitally communicated and reviewed by companies thus speeding up the process for both company and inventor.

A high quality virtual prototype can make it much easier for a company to visualize your invention and determine if they should invest into developing, manufacturing, and selling your product. And, paying you a royalty for the invention.

Here is an example to show how creating a 3D virtual prototype can turn a rough sketch into a much more professional presentation thus increasing your chances of success.