ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ Features EZPockets™ from InventionHome Client


ABC’s Good Morning America show recently featured the product EZPockets™ from InventionHome client Jon Smallegan on their popular Mom Tester segment. Mom Testers are volunteers from across America that GMA recruits to test As Seen on TV products and decide whether the product works as advertised. EZ Pockets was tested along with two other As Seen on TV products that claim to make cooking easier.

EZPockets™ claims that it makes pie baking as ‘easy as pie’, producing perfect personal size pie servings every time. The three Mom Testers put EZPockets™ to the test with various recipes and voted unanimously in favor of the product giving it the coveted Mom Approved label. While it was little surprise that EZPockets™ worked as claimed, it is interesting to note that it did so even when not used quite correctly. If you look carefully in the segment, you’ll see one of the testers cuts the pie after it bakes. EZPocket’s directions call for cutting and sealing the pieces before cooking using the pan’s patented ridge guide to get the job done quickly. Nevertheless, both moms and kids loved the tasty pockets it produced!

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