Featured Invention – Moisturizing Mate


There’s this one certain spot, and I can never seem to reach it. It’s right in the center of my back, and it eludes my fingertips no matter how contorted my stretch.

There are only two situations in which that “spot” drives me crazy.

1. The itch. I’ve learned to cope with the itch-part…my trusty backscratcher works well in a pinch…or I can resort to the “grizzly bear” move if necessary.

2. Applying daily moisturizer. Forget it ~ can’t do it. I know I’m not alone either, because our inventor Brian from Illinois has an invention for that. It’s called Moisturizing Mate.

Moisturizing Mate
Moisturizing Mate makes lotion application quick and easy. It consists of a lightweight, handheld wand with a foam-roller lotion applicator. A reservoir in the handle can be filled and refilled with the user’s choice of moisturizer, sunscreen, medicated gel, hair remover or other cream. A little squeeze of the trigger will release lotion into the foam roller for application to the back or just about any hard-to-reach area.

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