Featured Invention – Weed N’ Till


After the long, harsh winter of 2013-2014, it’s an absolute delight to get back outdoors. Personally, I’m right at home mulching, clipping, mowing, trimming, and planting. And with the sunny days here to stay – I feel a tad guilty complaining… But since you asked, I must confess that I really, really, hate weeds. Especially those super deep-rooted ones that are impossible to pull out by hand. So I’m pleased to introduce a new invention called “Weed ‘N Till”.

Weed N’ Till

This one-piece device connects to any power drill, whether cordless or electric. It attaches just like a drill bit, and really takes the work out of weeding. A 30” drive shaft makes it easy to use standing up – so no more bending! Just squeeze the trigger and spin the weeds out by the roots.

The tool is ideal for use with seedlings, thistles, and dandelions spinning out the weeds, roots and all!