Featured Inventor: Scott Davies – 2 WayTray


When Scott Davies first came up with the idea for the 2 WayTray he was working as a foreman in the construction industry. One day as Scott was painting a house using a typical paint tray he thought to himself, “Wow, this is a really poor design. It holds very little paint, it spills easily and it’s one dimensional in that you can only use it in the horizontal position”. Scott thought that the design was terribly inefficient and a mess to use. He believed that he could solve all of the design flaws and create an efficient, multi-functional, spill-free, tool. He remembers thinking to himself – someone should invent a better paint tray, why not me?”

The 2 Way Tray was born…

soldby-lowesLowes endcap 3

The 2 WayTray is poised to change the way professional painters and average people tackle painting jobs. It is currently available at Lowes, Orchard Supply and select ACE Hardware stores, and more retailers will be adding the clever product in 2014 and 2015.

Here are some of the benefits of Scott’s invention:

  • Fewer trips up and down the ladder
  • Works with both paint roller and paintbrush
  • Holds ½ gallon of paint
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Attaches to most ladders

Enlisting InventionHome…

Scott enlisted InventionHome to help market his unique paint tray, and they quickly presented the item to companies in the industry. One such company with a growing line of paint accessories and building tools with placements at Lowe’s, ACE Hardware and Menards expressed interest. After working through the product due diligence, InventionHome facilitated a mutually-rewarding license agreement for the parties. Today, the product has been picked up by Lowes and other retailers nationwide.