Finding Time for Lunch

submit my invention open innovation management

submitmyinvention open Innovation management tool

Does this sound familiar?  Mary, VP of Product Development for Widgets Intl, is having a typical day… 3 product update meetings, 6 phone calls with the factory on production issues, and a call with counsel on a compliance issue, all before lunchtime. Just as Mary is ready to take a deep breath and grab a Big Mac, she gets a phone call from Joe, an independent inventor who claims to have a great idea.  After listening to Joe explain his new idea for a children’s toy that has nothing to with their product line, Mary finally manages a polite end to the conversation, but leaves Joe unsatisfied.  He decides that Mary just doesn’t “get it” and keeps calling back trying to find someone else at Widgets Intl that will better understands him. Later that night, Mary is having dinner with a friend who tells her about another friend with a great idea. Mary suggests that the friend send her an email about the idea and she’ll take a look. The friend sends Mary an email the very next day and Mary moves it to a folder along with 50 other ideas she hasn’t had time to look over in the past 3 months.  A big part of Mary’s job is finding outside innovation but she has no means to manage the process efficiently.

Luckily, the next afternoon, Mary learns about SubmitMyInvention (‘SMI’), InventionHome’s proprietary ‘submission management system’ that completely changes how companies interact with independent inventors. Before quitting time, InventionHome has Mary set up with an online submission form to gather complete invention details, a set of auto-responder emails designed for inventor communications, and a behind-the-scenes management system to help Mary access invention info, set priorities, share info with co-workers, and determine which items to move forward. 

If you are like Mary and need to take control of outside product submissions, contact us to schedule a demonstration of the system.  

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