Five Tips for Increasing Your Product Submissions

5 Tips to Boost Inventor Submissions

5 tips to boost your inventor submissions

Is your company seeking new ideas to grow your product lines? Well, here are some tips to help boost the number of submissions that your company receives.

1.) Don’t rely solely on your employees to generate new ideas. Look to external resources for new products…consider your vendors, customers, and independent inventors as extensions of your own R&D department.

2.) Make it easy for inventors and other “idea generators” to submit their info to you. If you have a website, consider adding a link for inventors that will clearly define your submission process.

3.) Define your product focus in broad terms…don’t focus on too narrow a segment. Give yourself (and the inventors) some leeway and explore some complimentary categories or lines.

4.) Become “inventor-friendly” by promoting yourself to the inventor community. Chances are, if you tell them that your company is seeking innovative ideas, the word will spread and they will come! There are many ways to do this, such as using social media (facebook/twitter), posting to inventor groups and message boards (such as LinkedIn), issuing a press release (target inventor publications and blogs like Inventors Digest), and joining the United Inventors Association. Many tradeshows also feature “Inventor Spotlight” areas and have sponsorships available for corporate partners (Learn more HERE, or check out some of our ongoing trade shows at

5.) Organize a “Product Hunt”. There are companies in the industry that can help you define and implement a hunt for new products. (InventionHome is one such resource…contact us for details).