Flex Strap Backpack

MONROEVILLE, Pa., February 11, 2010 — InventionHome is pleased to announce that they have finalized a license agreement for a unique product titled “Flex Strap Backpack”. Inventor Fred A. of Minneapolis, Minnesota has developed and patented a unique backpack which allows the user to customize straps for use in a multitude of configurations. A college professor, Fred witnessed students carrying bags and satchels of varying styles. His innovative invention enables a single bag to be worn as a traditional backpack, a single strap bag, a mail pouch, or diagonal-strap backpack.

InventionHome shared the invention with a wide range of companies seeking new product ideas, and generated interest from a company that went on to negotiate a license agreement, finalized earlier today. The company plans to have the product available at retail stores by “back-to-school” season.