Google features InventionHome in their economic impact report

Google Impact Report - InventionHome

Each year Google recognizes one company per state across the United States to feature in their annual economic impact report. This year InventionHome was selected for Pennsylvania, a state with more than 60,000 businesses that use Google tools.

How this helps inventors…

InventionHome’s vision is to be able to connect innovators/inventors from anywhere in the world with companies across the United States through the creation of a universally accessible open innovation platform.

Basically, this means we are creating a business model for helping Sellers of innovation (inventors) and Buyers of innovation (companies) to be able to easily connect for the purpose of licensing or selling new inventions.

Once you understand the vision and model, it becomes easy to understand see how both sellers and buyers fuel the system. The more companies we have in our system, the more inventors we attract wanting and needing access to those companies. The more great inventions and products we have available for license or sale, the more companies and opportunities we attract for our inventors.

Today, we have thousands of companies working with us to find new inventions / products because they recognize how we have simplified the process for everyone involved.


“We are honored and excited to be selected by Google for their economic impact report. We have worked hard to create a streamlined model for helping inventors to be able to connect with companies across the United States and we’re excited that our model is being recognized throughout the industry.”

Russell Williams, InventionHome President

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