Grandmother Lands Invention Licensing Agreement For New Children’s Product


InventionHome announces the completion of their milestone 250th licensing agreement for a creative new children’s product invented by a grandmother of 17, Oliva Fox.

When others her age are retiring, Olivia Fox says “I’m not slowing down. People my age have had a lot of life experiences which can lead to good ideas. I know so many people who say ‘I thought about that, but I never did anything.’ Honestly, I’m just that 100th monkey that moved forward with my idea.”

Olivia is referring to the “100th Monkey Theory” in explaining that an idea can cross the minds of 99 people (aka monkeys) but it will reach a tipping point and take off with the 100th person. “I thought about this theory on the day that I called InventionHome,” said Olivia.

Now as she awaits the arrival of her 18th grandchild, Olivia Fox is also excited to experience a major step in the birthing of her idea. Olivia, along with her son Ian, developed “Create A Kingdom”, a patented design for a unique children’s toy product that can be enjoyed both indoors and outside. The Missouri inventors just recently signed a license agreement with a prominent company that manufactures and distributes products to major retailers.

Create A Kingdom is also a milestone for InventionHome as it became the 250th license marketing agreement facilitated by InventionHome’s licensing staff. InventionHome is pleased to have helped the inventors from the patent protection and virtual design stage, all the way to the culmination of a mutually-rewarding deal with a company that caught Olivia’s vision for a fun and creative children’s product.

“Working with InventionHome was fantastic!” said Olivia. “We were especially thankful for their help in working through our questions and concerns as the contract slowly came together.”

In reminiscing about her invention journey, Olivia shares that the inspiration for Create A Kingdom goes as far back as her childhood. “I would visit my aunt’s farm in southern Missouri during the summer. There were 11 of us children who enjoyed playing for hours just gathering rocks and building forts.”

Years later this mother of 7 children began to welcome more and more grandchildren. Olivia says “as I watched them playing together, that’s when I thought about what I loved as a child, and I decided that I wanted to give them something that they can create and construct.” And so Create A Kingdom began to come together as Olivia’s son Ian helped her with the invention. “I bounced my idea off of my son Ian who is so artistically creative, and he was able to figure out details of the design.”

The mother/son inventor team reached out to InventionHome for assistance in patenting their idea and presenting it to companies in the industry. After working through the product due diligence, InventionHome was able to secure this license agreement for Olivia and Ian. Preproduction samples will now begin, and the company expects this product to be introduced nationwide within the next 2 years.