How to Bring Your Invention to Life with 3D Design

Precision Putting Pal

If you are looking to sell or license your invention to a company for ongoing royalty payments, you will more than likely need some form of prototype or design to showcase your invention to prospective companies. In reality, most companies look at pictures of your invention before they actually read any description or explanation of what it is.

A prototype or 3D design brings your idea to life for the person evaluating your invention and makes it easier for them to understand why their company should invest time and money to buy or license your invention from you.

The Effective, Low-Cost Alternative to Physical Prototypes

The good news is you don’t always have to spend a fortune developing and fabricating physical, working prototypes of your invention. 3D virtual prototyping or virtual designing offers a much lower-cost alternative while still providing companies with a realistic representation of how your invention will look and function as a real product.

3D Virtual Design
InventionHome’s talented artists refine your rough sketches into highly detailed 3D Virtual Designs.

InventionHome offers high-quality, 3D Virtual Prototypes or Virtual Designs at very reasonable pricing. We also include an invention portfolio webpage with the purchase of any virtual prototype or design package. And for inventors interested in marketing their inventions, we offer a marketing and licensing program at no cost once the portfolio is in place (i.e. commission only).

Please take a minute to browse the different types of Invention Portfolios we have to offer. Whether you have a new idea that just needs an artist’s touch, or a fully-developed prototype ready for marketing, a professional presentation could be just what your invention needs to take that next leap forward!