How Your Feedback Helps Inventors

As an InventionHome corporate member, you may receive our “Hotlink” submissions from time to time.  Obviously, our main goal in sending new product ideas to companies like yours is to ultimately find a match which leads to license or distribution opportunities.  We do have a secondary goal, though ~ to help the inventors.  With just a few keystrokes and a reply email, your feedback can make a world of difference.


Please let me take a minute to explain our process.  First, it’s important to understand that we do not accept or reject ideas based on our evaluation (i.e: we don’t evaluate and tell inventors they have a great idea).  We offer inventors a very low cost and streamlined approach for connecting with prospective manufacturers and we do not charge a fee for our marketing system.  We work for a % of the royalty as opposed to charging thousands up front for marketing.

Before getting started, inventors are encouraged to research the market, study the web, and conduct patent searches to help them evaluate the uniqueness of their products/inventions.  We don’t step in and suggest elaborate marketing and infringement studies because again, we aim to keep the inventors’ expenses low.  Although inventors proceed with the belief that their products/ideas are unique and beneficial, a great majority of them do NOT ultimately succeed financially.  Why?  Maybe (unbeknownst to the inventor) similar products are already on the market.  Maybe the invention isn’t structurally feasible.  Or maybe the high cost to manufacture will cut too deeply into profitability.  Our goal ~ and WE NEED YOUR HELP ~ is to provide a vehicle for inventors to discover these things without sinking additional investment towards non-provisional patent applications, CAD, tooling, etc.

Won’t you help?

It’s quite easy.  Every HotLink includes a “Request Info” button to enable your quick and easy sharing of feedback.  Please don’t hesitate to tell us where you may have seen this product before or that tooling for such a product would cost upwards of $X dollars.  Rest assured, your comments will be shared anonymously with the inventors…and even your critical feedback can provide valuable insight for the inventor.  In fact, your feedback may be the difference between an inventor accepting that his invention isn’t the next “Snuggie®” and spending an additional $5,000 (or more) to file a Utility Patent application.

Thanks for your help!