INDA’s RISE Conference Focuses on Open Innovation

The inventor's Summit at INDA's 2012 Rise Conference

InventionHome at INDA's Rise Conference

INDA (the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry) held their RISE Conference this week in Baltimore, Maryland. The 150+ attendees represented leaders from engineering, marketing, product development/ R&D and innovation teams at INDA’s member companies. The event was designed to provide networking opportunities along with industry education. Topics of the conference included technical innovations, new market applications for nonwovens, and a strong focus on “Open Innovation (OI)”.

Russell Williams, president of InventionHome, spoke on “Simplifying Open Innovation”. He advised companies on how they can use external ideas to stay ahead of the competition and how to connect with independent inventors and entrepreneurs. He also offered suggestions to companies on how they can implement their own OI processes. Following Russ’s speech, four independent inventors took the stage to share descriptions of their products as well as the ups-and-downs of the inventing and licensing processes. Inventors have a way of charming an audience…and these four did not disappoint! The featured inventors were:

  • Andre Tillery, “Worry-Free Disposable Liners” : mattress and pillow liners which promote good hygiene as well as convenience
  • Tammy Wonder, “Wonder Topper”: a line of appliance covers to protect from dirt & grime as well as scratches
  • William Barahona, “Pool Filter Repair Kit”: an economical solution to combat high price of maintaining swimming pools
  • Nanette Frank, “Girlease”: a lightweight bra-liner to absorb perspiration and prevent embarrassment

The value of OI is recognized by INDA as well as conference attendees…and is a growing topic for the industry as a whole.

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