Invention of the Month: EZ-Ears


Four-legged friends can bring such warmth and pleasure to their owners. Speaking personally, I have a big, fluffy dog who never judges me, greets me every day with boundless joy, and covers me in slobber…uh…kisses. She’s always ready to walk by my side and when I’m glum she knows that chasing her tail will bring a smile to my face. She would do anything for me. So why, why, WHY do I have such an aversion to this one seemingly simple task…cleaning her big floppy ears?

If you have a dog of your own, maybe you share my sentiment…and maybe you, too, will appreciate our Invention of the Month: EZ-Ears.

EZ-Ears was developed by a Missouri inventor to eliminate the messy solutions, gooey cotton balls, and gross-factor that come along with traditional methods of cleaning pet ears. The device is similar in size to an electric toothbrush and has a disposable foam tip on top. A liquid cleaning solution fills a reservoir in the base of the device, and a button will dispense the solution and saturate the tip. To use, simply place the foam tip on the visible portion of the ear to clean out the dirt and other build-up, then pop the dirty tip into the trash and replace with a clean one.

InventionHome is currently seeking marketing/licensing opportunities for this invention.