Invention of the Month – Indoor Plant Duster & Solution Applicator

Invention of the Month Plant Duster

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Many people list among their “New Year’s Resolutions,” a pledge to keep a tidier house… to address those often overlooked crevices and cobwebs and to impress visitors with sparkling, clean surfaces. Well here’s an invention that makes it a cinch to wash away surface dust and grime on indoor plants, and leave a lustrous shine that’s sure to impress your neighbors.

The invention is titled “Indoor Plant Duster & Solution Applicator”, and it comes from InventionHome client’s, Melissa and Russell D. of Encino, California.

Designed to aid both in cleaning the leaves of plants and providing a method for the even application of various solutions, the invention consists of a pair of thin tongs with spongy padding on the underside of each arm. When the tongs are closed, the top and bottom meet flush together. Disposable, quilted sleeves with a premeasured amount of various solutions (such as plant food, plant-safe cleaner, or shine enhancer), can slide over each arm, covering the spongy assemblies. The sleeves can be discarded after use, making them a convenient tool to help you tackle that 2013 resolution.

Plant Duster Product Pics

Melissa and Russell enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist them in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for their invention.