Invention of the Month: Stayfold

Invention of the Month Satyfold

Invention of the Month: Stayfold

In many parts of the country, it’s cold outside! So as we retreat into our homes for warmth, some of us will begin the annual “nesting” process. In preparing our homes for winter, we’ll clean in corners neglected during those sunny summer days and once again pay attention to all the little details that escaped us in favor of gardening and vacationing.

To help you tackle on such “little” detail, and make a huge impact doing so, allow us to introduce November’s Invention of the Month. It comes from inventors Mark and Heather U. out of Williamsburg, Virginia and is called, StayFold.

StayFold is an easy-to-install, patented pre-molded form that instantly defines drape or curtain folds from top to bottom for a perfectly uniform look. It trains the drapery or curtain fabric and permanently controls the way the drapery or curtain should look.
The StayFold drape and curtain shaper is exceptionally useful for drapes or curtains installed over register vents and eliminates the unsightly bottom flaring of the panel from the airflow of the vent. Whether your panels are custom made, self made or ready made from JCPenney, Walmart or Pottery Barn, if you want to avoid a sloppy appearance and have a discerning eye for the well-dressed look, the StayFold Drape and Curtain Shaper is a must!

Stayfold Invention Closeup
Stayfold Before and After
Inventors Mark and Heather enlisted the help of InventionHome in marketing/licensing opportunities. To take a closer look at the product, and even watch a great commercial, head over to the StayFold’s page on our iShow Online→