Invention of the Month – Stomp Weeder


From early Spring through Fall, my backyard becomes my escape from the rat-race, the arguing kids, and cooped-up indoor evenings. I relish in the early blooms of my dogwood tree, the amazing details of the columbine flower, and the deep reds and pinks of the rosebushes. Throughout the seasons, my backyard also falls victim to the pesky dandelion. If you’ve done much gardening of your own, you know that dandelions can be quite the challenge to remove, and if you don’t remove them all the way down to the roots, they’ll grow back with a vengeance.


Inventor Christopher K. of Manitoba, Canada shares my disdain for the dandelion, and he created a nifty garden tool to remove them quickly and easily. He calls the invention “Stomp Weeder”. The tool consists of a long, lightweight shaft with gripping handle at top and footrest with blade on its underside at bottom. To use, the device is positioned over a weed and just as the name suggests, the user simply stomps down on a footrest.

Christopher enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.