Invention of the Month: The Melon Peeler

The Melon Peeler-InventionHome's Invention of the Month

The Melon Peeler-InventionHome's Invention of the Month

There’s nothing better than a ripe melon. But, unless your bringing Gordan Ramsay-like knife skills to the table, removing those rinds is no easy task. Well, we have an invention for that. Allow me to introduce InventionHome’s Invention of the Month, the Melon Peeler.

The Melon Peeler is designed to safely and quickly separate the rind from all types of melons – from watermelon, to cantaloupe, to honeydew (and all those exotic melons in between). The product features a concave base with an adjustable blade to control the size of your slice. Suction cup feet keep the unit stable and security fixed to any countertop or table surface. To cut, you simply push a melon wedge into the blade, then pull it out the other side. What your left with is rind-free melon, ready for action.

But, if you’ve ever dreamt of hitting that next cook out with a fruit salad ready for the Master Chef kitchen, the Melon Peeler has you covered. By resizing the adjustable blade you can make precision cuts of jaw dropping accuracy. So, check out the Melon Peeler, and wow your friends and family with your truly amazing “knife skills.” We’ll back you up…

Make beautiful appetizers with the Melon Peeler

The Melon Peeler is an invention by Jerry and Dona Avery, who enlisted the help of InventionHome in marketing/licensing opportunities. To take a closer look at the product, and even watch a great commercial, head over to the Melon Peeler’s page on our iShow Online

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