InventionHome Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary


Many invention stories start out with the proverbial sketch on a napkin and a dream of creating something great. InventionHome itself has a story that starts out in a very similar manner. It was 10 years ago when our founders sketched out a business model for InventionHome based on a bold mission of connecting innovators around the world with companies across the United States. Their goal was to create a ground-breaking company that would solve one of the greatest challenges faced by inventors – finding companies to license or acquire their designs.

Using a combination of product development services for inventors and a novel technology platform for companies to use when seeking and managing new product acquisitions, we developed a robust network to connect and support both inventors and companies.

After 10 years, our company hasn’t stopped sketching on napkins. We are continually developing new and better ways to organize, present, and share inventions and we continue to build relationships with companies that are seeking the latest product innovations.

New product innovation and development is a multi-billion market that is experiencing rapid change with the recent advancements in web-based technology used to promote and review new product opportunities. InventionHome continues to be at the forefront of these changes.