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Invention of the Month - The Bottomless Purse

Black Friday…I’ll be ready for you next year…

Despite my best efforts to plan ahead for the biggest shopping day of 2012, I just didn’t have what it took to score big on Doorbusters. Ok…so I slept in just a tad and missed all the midnight through 11:00 am “Early Bird Specials” But when I arrived at the mall at 11:00, armed with newspaper glossies and clipped coupons galore, I found myself emptying the contents of my bigger-than-a-breadbox purse right on the checkout counter at Macy’s in search of the elusive $10 coupon. Did I save $10? No…despite my frantic search it wasn’t until later that I found the coupon wedged inside my checkbook. Bah humbug!

Had I accessorized with a “Bottomless Purse” on that recent Friday, locating exactly the coupon I needed would have been so much easier. The Bottomless purse is a reversible purse design with zippers on both the top and bottom that guarantees easy access to items inside.  When items in this purse fall to the bottom, users can zip the top of the purse closed, rotate the unit a full 180º, and unzip what was once the bottom to reveal the new top. Everything that had fallen to the bottom is now easily accessible on the top.

The Bottomless Purse was invented by InventionHome client Dick L. of Ormond Beach, Florida. Dick enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for her invention.