InventionHome Featured Invention – The Hairring


Ladies…stop what you’re doing and look at your wrist right now.

Is there a hair-elastic around it, possibly cutting off the circulation in your hand? If so, you are not alone. Millions of women are wearing the stretchy wrist-bands because they like their options.

Hot? Put your hair UP.
Getting primped? Put your hair DOWN.
Going to the gym? UP.
Leaving gym? DOWN.
Washing the dog? UP.
Dinner? DOWN.

Would you like a more “fashionable” way to wear that go-to hair accessory? Well look no further!

The Hairring

InventionHome client Anna from Massachusetts has developed a fashionable and convenient accessory for the fingers and hair that appeal to everyone from tweens to women and more. It’s called The Hairring, and this innovative product comprises a unique ring design with an interchangeable decorative embellishment on top and a base on the bottom. The base includes a semicircular shape, through which a hair elastic passes. On the sides of the base are clasps that adjust the size of the elastic, whether wearing it around the finger or in the hair. When the urge for a ponytail strikes, simply pull the sides of the elastic to unclasp the band.