InventionHome Helps a New Jersey Contractor Obtain a Licensing Deal on His Marking Tool

InventionHome is pleased to announce that a license agreement was just secured for the “Precise Extreme Marker”. A New Jersey inventor named Mihai holds two issued patents which cover the unique features of this product.

The Precise Extreme Marker is a removable laser light indicator and chalk dust marker that can be used on tape measures, levels and stud sensors. The inventor developed his idea and has used his prototype while working as a general home improvement contractor.

With the signing of this agreement, Mihai now looks forward to seeing his product idea come to market. The company has begun the process of CAD drawings and preproduction samples. They expect this product to be introduced nationwide within the next 2 years.

InventionHome is glad to have played a role in the process which culminated in a license agreement for this time-saving tool product.