InventionHome Lands Big Success for Inventor of the Bake-a-Bone


What do the flavors Peanut Butter, Mint, and Snickerdoodle bring to mind? Do they conjure images of your favorite ice cream on a hot day or a bakery filled with the smell of fresh baked cookies? For inventor Louis K. of Arnold, Missouri, they represent dog bones; fresh, healthy dog treats for the discerning pet owner.

Louis came up with the idea for a dog treat maker while reading the long list of (mostly artificial) ingredients on a box of store bought treats. “I decided to look into recipes for homemade treats and found they were much healthier, but were a pain to roll out and cut,” recalls Louis. “At that moment, the idea of an all-in-one dog treat machine was born!”

Louis decided to start with a prototype and located a manufacturer overseas that had experience with small kitchen appliances. With his prototype in hand (it resembles a waffle-maker with bone-shaped forms), he spent all his free time over the next few months testing recipes and researching what ingredients were healthy and which ones to avoid. “I let my dogs Zeus and Spartacus have the final say on which were the tastiest,” said Louis. “In the end we had 30 recipes including Peanut Butter Bones, Breath Mint Bones, and Snickerpoodles.”


Louis enlisted Invention Home to assist with a patent search, provisional patent application, and marketing his product to companies with the hopes of finding a licensing deal. Soon after beginning the marketing process, InventionHome was able catch the interest of an As Seen on TV Company. From there, InventionHome assisted throughout the due-diligence and contract negotiation stages and a deal was finalized. Once the deal was completed, a TV spot was produced and tested on air with great success. Bake-a-Bone now appears in national TV ads and can be purchased at retailers across the country and on many websites online.

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