InventionHome Licensed Product Will Soon Be Available to Help Babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units

When NICU therapist Jeni Yielding began working with premature infants afflicted with “Thumb-in-Palm” condition, she marveled at the tiny little hands that required treatment with cumbersome, hard and sometimes sharp custom splints.  She knew she could develop something better, and she eventually created an innovative product called “Little Angels™” (originally called Neoprene Preemie Hand Splint), to offer comfort and treatment to these babies.

As an Occupational Therapist, Jeni had over 14 years of neo-natal and pediatric experience that went into the creation of her product.  Little Angels™ was designed to provide structural support for infants who present with sustained or problematic thumb-in-palm positioning.  Thumb-in-Palm occurs for various reasons, one of which is a muscular imbalance where the muscles that bend the thumb are stronger that the muscles that extend the thumb.

Jeni’s product is a soft, comfortable, non-invasive and un-inhibiting form of hand positioning splint that is also easy to apply. For infants with thumb-in-palm positioning, this product can gently yet effectively promote healthy hand and joint formation, leading to the development of normal motor skills.

InventionHome is proud to have played a role in licensing Jeni’s product to medical company Binonix Development Corp.  After introducing the product to Bionix senior management, InventionHome assisted throughout the due-diligence process to formalize a license agreement.   Post-license, Jeni worked tirelessly with Bionix to conduct clinical tests and obtain proper medical validation, and now Little Angels™ is ready for market.  Jeni received one of the first production samples last week, and is looking forward to seeing the product at her NICU in the very near future.