InventionHome Success: “Grab-A-Card®” is now available for purchase


Melody Fox knows the long hours, patience and persistence that’s required of inventors…after all, it took her over 10 years to get her product, “Grab-A-Card®” off the ground.

Melody’s story begins long ago when she owned a glass-tinting business. She often found herself at the top of a tall ladder when passers-by would see her van on the street and holler up to her, asking for a business card. Like any small-business owner trying to make ends meet, Melody scooted down the ladder to retrieve a business card from her van.

It’s a fact that Melody’s service vehicle was a great promotional tool. Colorfully painted with her business name, logo and phone number, it was a great source for obtaining new customers. In fact, she often came out of the grocery store to find potential customers milling around the van waiting to speak with her about a job.

Not wanting to lose any potential business, Melody started searching high and low for some sort of business-card holder that could affix to the side of her vehicle. She could find nothing. That’s what started the 10-plus-year process of creating the Grab-A-Card®, the outdoor business card holder. After filing the patent and developing a prototype, she took her invention a step further by commissioning a factory to produce it in small quantities. Melody kept her full-time day job, and began selling the Grab-A-Card® to local contractors, real-estate agents, and other service providers who also relied on their vehicles as their “mobile billboards”. She got the product picked up by a couple small distributors who sold it mainly on-line, but she knew there was a still a large, untapped market.

Somewhere around Melody’s 9th year of promoting Grab-A-Card®, she enlisted the help of InventionHome to promote the product. With established relationships at thousands of companies spanning manufacturers, distributors, retailers and sales-agents, InventionHome went right to work sharing features and benefits of Grab-A-Card®. One of their first phone calls was to Deflecto, a company perfectly suited for Grab-A-Card® since their product line consists of plastic holders for business cards, brochures, file folders, magazines, and signs…along with desk organizers, chair mats, and numerous other office products.

Deflecto took an immediate interest in the Grab-A-Card®, and a license agreement was finalized in early 2012. We’re pleased to report that the product is now available nationwide via a large distribution network, and should be reaching retail shelves soon.

More info about Grab-A-Card®, here.
You can order Grab-A-Card®, here.

Grab-A-Card® – Info

Grab-a-Card®, the outdoor business card holder, allows potential customers to easily and conveniently take your contact information- anytime, anywhere. Place on any smooth surface to help market your business.

  • Unbreakable, weather resistant card holder that goes anywhere
  • UV protected against fading
  • Won’t harm painted surfaces
  • Detachable mounting plate and adhesive tape pads included
  • Built-in slot keeps front card always on display
  • Holds up to 50 cards