Inventor Areas – Hottest Destination at Trade Shows

Inventor Areas - the new hotness at trade shows

Inventor's Areas are the new Hotness

Not long ago, there was a time when the inventor area at a consumer trade show was its best kept secret. But in the past few years, inventor areas have morphed into one of the hottest destinations, enjoying a steady stream of traffic from open to close despite their commonly obscure locations.

The reason for the crowds is simple… as inventors increasingly learn the value of connecting with the Industry at tradeshows, companies in turn learn to appreciate the independent inventor as a true source of innovation. A dedicated “inventors area” is one of the few places where a company can find an abundance of new products to see, touch and test, before they hit the market. Furthermore, independent inventors are typically just average consumers, who’ve solved a commonplace problem and just require help taking their solution to the next level.

To facilitate connecting these two parties, tradeshow administrators are now allotting more space to inventor areas and enticing inventors to exhibit with value-added packages. For example, at the International Home + Housewares Show and the National Hardware Show, Inventors have opportunities to learn from industry experts at education sessions held by the United Inventor Association (UIA). They may also choose to present their products to special panels for direct feedback and advice from experts. Company sponsorships of these areas is also helping to improve their size and quality of products.

InventionHome is proud to have sponsored both the Housewares Show’s Inventors Corner and the Hardware Show’s Inventors Spotlight for the past several years. Companies interested in broadening exposure to inventors may also want to consider an inventor area sponsorship.

More information on sponsoring inventor areas at UIA- powered shows can be found HERE.

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