Inventor Tradeshows – Should You Attend?


Not too long ago, inventors and entrepreneurs had limited options available to them in regards to exhibiting their products at tradeshows. They could either attend one of the smaller inventor-related tradeshows, or they could attend a large national product tradeshow and exhibit alongside large, established companies (like pulling up to a Carnival Cruiseliner in a rowboat).  The first option offered very limited exposure for their product, and the second option was both expensive and difficult, requiring professional booth design, collateral materials, and a well-thought tradeshow strategy.

Today, the landscape for inventors has changed.  Many national product tradeshows have begun to create dedicated “inventor” areas within the overall tradeshow where they consolidate small booths for inventors and entrepreneurs to exhibit their products.  By concentrating inventors and entrepreneurs in one specific location of the overall tradeshow, the strategy makes it easier for companies attending the show to find these products. These areas become a “destination point” for companies, providing far more exposure for exhibitors. The Inventor Spotlight area at the upcoming PGA Show is an example of this strategy.

What does it cost to attend a tradeshow?

The costs to attend and exhibit at a tradeshow like this can vary depending on the particular show but a ballpark estimate would be between $4,000 to $5,000 when you add in booth cost, travel, hotel, meals, etc.  Plus, the 3-4 days in travel and show time.

Should your invention be fully developed?

Although it is not required to have a fully developed invention to exhibit at one of these inventor shows, it is helpful to have a developed product to exhibit.  In addition, it is strongly recommended that you patent and protect your invention before attending any type of public tradeshow where you will be exhibiting and discussing your invention.  InventionHome can help with protecting your invention.

Are there easier alternatives for connecting with companies?

InventionHome has been sponsoring and involved with various product tradeshows for years, and we are big supporters and proponents of tradeshows.  However, we also offer a lower cost alternative to exhibiting at tradeshows and one that simplifies the process for inventors.  Over the years, we have developed great relationships with many of the same companies that attend tradeshows and these companies have come to recognize InventionHome as a great source for discovering new inventions from the inventors that we work with.  Our system is straightforward, inexpensive and successful and should be considered by any inventor or entrepreneur looking to license or wholesale inventions or new products.

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