Is Working with Independent Inventors A Big Hassle?

Has your company decided that looking at ideas from the outside is simply not worth the effort?   Many companies develop a policy of not accepting outside submissions because finding that ‘needle-in-the-haystack’ product requires sifting through hundreds of unsuitable products (and product owners) in the process.  They have decided that accepting outside ideas requires too much time and effort.


This policy can not only lead to missing out on a great product, it can also create customer dissatisfaction.   The consumer innovator with the great idea or product is often one of your current customers and is most definitely a potential future customer.  This innovator knows who you are and what kind of products you sell.   It is good business practice to leave these innovators with a favorable impression of your company.  Accepting their submission demonstrates to the innovator that your company respects them and values their input.

Having a system and procedure in place for reviewing outside submissions takes the hassle out of the process.  Reviewing product submissions will take only a few minutes each day if the process is automated.  Rather than developing an in-house solution to process submissions,  companies may choose to use InventionHome’s online submission management system ( or SMI)  for free.

SMI provides the following benefits:

  1. Streamlines and organizes your submission flow into 1 central system.
  2. Automates the follow up and response through email auto-responders.
  3. Enables fast filtering and screening of product submissions in a secure and protected system.
  4. Scalable to fit any size company allowing for unlimited users and up to 20 websites to be linked together into one system.
  5. 100% free and no contracts.

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