InventionHome Launches New and Improved Invention Marketplace


Today, InventionHome unveils our new and improved iShowOnlineTM marketplace.

In the current competitive business environment, more and more companies are eager to tap in to the creativity and ingenuity of independent inventors and entrepreneurs.  Discovering those inventions, however, has traditionally been a difficult and time consuming task for companies.  The newly re-engineered iShowOnline is a unique venue that solves that problem by giving companies direct and streamlined access to a wide variety of product ideas from inventors.  The iShowOnline in combination with InventionHome’s proactive marketing program, is a valuable, easy to use resource for companies looking for exciting product licensing opportunities.

InventionHome has been a long standing bridge for connecting inventors looking to license their invention ideas or existing innovative products with companies willing to pay royalties for new inventions.  InventionHome assists inventors with getting their product ready for market, including patent filing, design work, and the preparation of professional and informative invention portfolios.  These portfolios are then featured on the iShowOnline and proactively presented to companies seeking those types of inventions.

Companies looking for a convenient way to tap into fresh sources of innovation need only register with InventionHome to get exclusive access to the iShowOnline.  Upon registration, InventionHome’s marketing team also works to get companies set up to receive product alerts for ideas hand picked to suit their potential needs. As an added service, the marketing team works with companies to facilitate their review and evaluation of products and to navigate license negotiations with inventors.

If you are a company representative interested in learning more about the iShowOnline and how it can benefit your organization simply go to

If you are an inventor who would like to learn more about having your invention featured on the iShowOnline marketplace, please call 1-866-844-6512.