New TV Show “Kitchen Inventors” Seeks Next Great Food Invention

Kitchen Inventors

InventionHome congratulates our friends Steve Greenberg and Patrick Raymond whose new TV show “Kitchen Inventors” has been picked up by the Food Network! Steve and Patrick are “invention scouts” that travel the country in search of great kitchen gadgets from everyday inventors.

How the Show Works

In the Pilot show, the duo travels to the Midwest and visits three inventors in their homes to evaluate their inventions. One inventor is chosen to pitch his invention to the world’s largest kitchen company. The suspense heightens as Steve and Patrick break the bad news to two of the three inventors. Then the heat turns up as the chosen inventor pitches to company executives and anxiously awaits their verdict. The answer is yes! The inventor now gets the chance to live the dream and hopefully see his kitchen gadget become the next million-dollar idea.

Now It’s Your Chance to Submit Your Product to “Kitchen Inventors”

Lucky Dog Films is currently casting inventors for the series. If you have an invention that is connected to food— whether to grow, prepare, process, store, serve or dispose of—they would like to hear from you. There are 3 requirements:

  1. Your invention should be, at minimum, patent-pending.
  2. You must have a real working prototype.
  3. You need an outgoing personality and be comfortable appearing on TV.

Submit Your Product to “Kitchen Inventors”

What to consider when submitting your product

If you are considering submitting your invention to any outside party, we must stress the importance of understanding the terms and conditions that accompany your submission. You should have patent protection and be sure that you are not giving up your rights by submitting your product.

With that said, Kitchen Inventors is an inventor-friendly show and Steve Greenberg and Patrick Raymond have been working on behalf of inventors for many years. Read more about their contributions below.

About the Hosts

Steve Greenberg is the author of the book, “Gadget Nation” and appears regularly with the latest gadgets on TV shows such as NBC’s Today Show, The Dr Oz Show and Jimmy Fallon. He also sits on the board of directors of the United Inventors Association of America (UIA) along with InventionHome President Russell Williams.

Patrick Raymond is an inventor himself and former Executive Director of the UIA. In addition, he founded the Inventors Association of Manhattan,, and is an Editor-at-Large for “Inventor’s Digest Magazine.”